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Springfield Shines is a leading Pressure Clean VA company. We offer only the highest quality service to all of our customers all year round. That’s right, we don’t shut down for the winter, so we are always available to assist you in all your power washing and pressure washing needs.

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Benefits of Pressure Washing

  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Increase Your Return on Investment
  • Save Your Time

Our Premier Power Washing & Pressure Washing Services

We offer full-service solutions for all your exterior maintenance needs. We have the experience and expertise needed to clean a variety of surfaces for both commercial and residential properties throughout Springfield.
  • Exterior Soft Wash
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Deck Restore
  • Deck Painting and Staining
  • Concrete Cleaning

Exterior Soft Wash in Springfield VA

What sets us apart from other pressure cleaning companies in Springfield VA is that we know when it is appropriate to use high pressure to clean a surface and when it is best to use a technique called soft washing. This is the safest and most effective way to clean homes with asphalt roofing or vinyl siding.

Is soft washing the same as power washing? Yes and no.

No, in that it is a technique that does not use a high pressure to clean your home’s exterior. For instance, if you have vinyl siding or an asphalt shingled roof, then a high pressure would cause more harm than good.

Yes, in that this is what most homeowners actually need, but don’t know that this is what it is called. No power washing or pressure cleaning company in NOVA should ever try to sell you on ‘power washing’ your vinyl siding or your asphalt shingled roof.

This is important, so we will state it again. Do not let anyone use a high pressure to clean your vinyl siding or asphalt shingled roof. Those surfaces require a technique called Soft Washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is the technique that combines surface-specialty detergents with low pressure water to clean a more ‘delicate’ exterior surface like vinyl siding or asphalt shingles.

The detergent that is applied allows for the breakdown of the excess dirt, grime, and sometimes mold and algae that are present. This allows for a softer or lower pressure of water to be used to rinse away the detergent and the broken down gunk.

Window Cleaning

power washing window cleaning springfieldAfter we became a power washing company, we quickly realized that we needed to offer window cleaning to our customers. When property owners would call us to power wash their homes or buildings they didn’t think about how the windows would get dirty during the process. And because window cleaning is a separate service from pressure cleaning we officially began offering as a Springfield Shines cleaning service.

Over the years, we have found that customers are much more satisfied with the power washing job if they also have us clean their windows while we are there on site. With our affordable window cleaning rates, everyone can enjoy the perfect clean all at once without having to call multiple companies or have us come out multiple times.

What Is Included With Our Window Cleaning Services

It is our company policy to always clean the edges, frames, and window sills of each window. To clean up after ourselves where ever possible. And to also be very mindful of our surroundings, including where we walk, what we touch, and where our water might drip. If we need to take extra time to move something out of the way, or cover it, to protect it, we will.

For our residential customers, our standard rates apply to most windows. If you would like your screens or storm windows cleaned while we are there, please let us know before we get started. We are also able to clean the inside of any windows you would like.

For our commercial customers, we offer a similar guarantee. We will work with you to determine when the best time of day would be for us to come by. We don’t want to disturb your place of business, we want to help you attract more customers by making a great first impression. Just let us know of any special requests you may have and we will always do our best to accommodate.

Gutter Cleaning

When’s the last time you checked your gutters? If the answer to that is more than a year ago, call us. If the answer is that you don’t know, please, call us. Your time is far too precious to spend on this menial task. The longer in between maintenance periods, the harder the task will be. 

If it’s been far too long, you could start to see leaks in your roof…

Deck Restore

deck cleaning springfield va

An aged or weathered-looking wood deck can be less than appealing for your next block party. Often times home owners think that once the deck appearance is gray and dull that they have to rip it up and replace the entire thing. With our deck restoration services we can get you a good looking deck without having to pay for an entirely new one.

The type of wood or material your deck is made out of will determine our method of restoration. The most common methods include cleaning off excess debris, treating with the right detergent or cleaning solution, just the right pressure with a power washing hose, dry time, and one of our deck staining or painting services.

Deck Painting and Staining

The sun does more damage to your deck boards than the weather does, but having your deck painted or re-stained every couple of years will help your investment last much much longer. Contact us today to get the like-new look of a newly painted or stained deck.

Concrete Cleaning

 We offer concrete cleaning surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. Our time-tested methods are able to remove stains and other impurities from most concrete surfaces. We will begin with an evaluation of the surfaces needing to be washed and the property surrounding said area. If we need to, we will cover landscaping to protect it from damage or contaminants. 

Power Washing vs Pressure Washing

While it may seem like everyone uses these two terms interchangeably, there is a key difference. To be fair, both techniques are very similar. They both make use of a pressurized stream of water to clean an area. However, the main difference is that one uses heat while the other does not.

What’s The Difference?

The simple answer is that power washing uses heat, while pressure washing does not. Both techniques are good to remove tough dirt, stains, and other debris from a variety of surfaces such as concrete and brick. What we will suggest for your specific needs will be determined once we assess the surface we will be cleaning

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 by Lynn

These are the best power washers in the Springfield va area! The prices were affordable and the services are high quality!!

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I just called this company to clean my roof, and wow does it look better than i imagined!! The professionals that came to clean it actually removed the ugly streaking that was covering my shingles. I will be calling you again soon!

 by Sally

After we had Springfield Shines power washing come and clean our siding, it looked like we just got our house painted!!! This company does 5 star work!

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Easy scheduling, great communication, and the results were incredible!!! I will be recommending your company to my neighbors!

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5 star power washers!! They can remove stubborn stains on concrete quickly!! I highly recommend springfield shines power washing.

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We hired these guys to come help us, and they scheduled us quickly and did a fantastic job!!

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Amazing experience with these professional power washers!